So Sweet Erythritol Sachet 30pcs Natural Sugar Free Sweetener

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Erythritol is a natural zero calorie substitute of sugar. It is a sugar alcohol and tastes almost exactly like sugar. Erythritol has 70% of the sweetness of the sugar but does not raised the blood sugar or insulin level Erythritol has 70% of the sweetness of sugar. Especially when used Plain. It tend to have a cooling effect in the mouth. It can be used in baking, where it also has some of the tendorizing effects of sugar. It can at least partially replace sugar or artificial sweeteners for most uses. * Zero calories. *zero Glycemic index. * Heat stable up to 160 degree celcius * The easiest sugar alcohol to digest. *Non - Carcinogenic * An antioxidant. Erythritol has the status of generally recognized as safe (GRAS) from the FDA and is widely used in many other countries like Japan, The European Union, Mexico and Canada,

  • Zero Glycemic index
  • Heat stable up to 160 Degree Celcius
  • Each Sachet of Erythritol is equal to one teaspoon sugar in sweetness
  • No side effect, no afertaste, Ideal for diabetics and weight watchers
  • It has 70% of the sweeness of sugar

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