So Sweet Stevia Leaf Natural Sweeteners 100gm (Pack of 4)

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Fit for your fitness

    It has almost zero calories as compared to sugar which makes it a perfect choice for fitness enthusiasts and helps in managing sugar levels as well. It also helps in minimizing the chance of tooth decays & cavity formation on consumption and takes care of digestive system.

    Raw and Natural

    These stevia leaves are the purest and raw form of this sweetener. It can be used directly or by making a powder of it. The taste is very much similar to that of refined sugar and can be added directly to the beverages or can be used while cooking & baking.

    Good for all

    Being a natural and healthy substitute for sugar the stevia leaves are good choice for elderlies, adults, young ones and kids. It is also helpful for people who are on a weight management diet

    Nutrition Facts

    Serving size= 1/33 teaspoon (25mg)        
     Per Sachet
    Total Energy0gm


    Pure Stevia extract powder made from proprietary technology

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