Stevia Drops.

Stevia is known as ‘Ka’a He’e’ or the Sweet Herb in Guarani, the native language of the tribal populous in Paraguay and Brazil, who have used Stevia’s leaves as a sweetener for centuries. The presence of Stevioside and Rebaudioside in Stevia gives it a distinctive sweetness. This natural sweetener is approximately 300 times sweeter than the chemically formulated sugar. Born out of the elements of nature, Stevia is completely safe for people with diabetes and since it has no calories it is a great alternative for people that are health conscious. 

Stevia is perhaps the only sweetener in the world that does not have any negative effects on health. This fact is proven by the 150 odd scientific studies done on it that have gone on to validate the remarkable impact of Stevia on health and its fantastic therapeutic effects on the body. The specific reasons why Stevia should be your sweetener of choice are because there are enormous regions for using it. It naturally sweetens the food or beverages of your choice, lowers elevated blood pressure, regulates the pancreas and helps in stabilizing blood sugar levels, assists in weight loss and weight management, dilates blood vessels, Kills microbes, reduces inflammation, zero-calorie and zero carbohydrates and 100-150 times sweeter than sugar makes its perfect fit for the health-conscious individual.

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