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Use of ‘So Sweet’ Site Information

So Sweet’ is a user-friendly website that forms an important link between ‘Herboveda India’ and the ‘So Sweet’ User. When a user visits our site, he/she must keep the following points in mind:

· ‘So Sweet’ retains for communication and educational purposes only.

· Any information that a User download from the site for personal or non-commercial purposes is subject to the User having prior copyright and proprietary permits on such information.

· ‘So Sweet’ is liable to sue for any usage of its site content for copying or distribution purposes, without prior permission of the concerned authority.

· ‘So Sweet’ disallows its Users from the use of the ‘So Sweet’ name, brand, logo, design, or any such denominators in relation to ‘So Sweet’ products and services.

· The information provided on the ‘So Sweet’ site is not comprehensive.

· ‘So Sweet’ is not responsible for any conjectural conclusions that a User may draw from information provided on the site.

· ‘So Sweet’ prohibits its Users from using its site in any unlawful manner not limited to but inclusive of threatening, defamatory, seditious, pornographic, or profane purposes.

Use of User Details

So Sweet’ is obliged to keep User Information private and any information collected regarding User details and preferences is subject to the following conditions: 

· So Sweet’ does not put together any information regarding its Users unless it is provided voluntarily.

· ‘So Sweet’ may use and disclose User information that has been provided to the site through web forms or email for specific purposes but only with the knowledge of the User.

· ‘So Sweet’ uses User details to respond to User inquiries, suggestions, comments, or to address the specific purpose for which they were provided by the User.

· So Sweet’ Privacy Policy is against unauthorized handling of User information and our commitment is towards User privacy.

· By providing personal information on the site, the User agrees to the terms and conditions in all cautionary notices provided on the site.

 Involuntary User Data Collection

 When a User visits, the computer is enabled to record some User information involuntarily/automatically. Some of these are: 

· Information that the ‘So Sweet’ site automatically collects every time you visit our site is in the form of Domain and host details to track the frequency of your visits to our sites.

· ‘So Sweet’ may also track your IP address and the internet address of the website from which you linked directly to the site.

· ‘So Sweet’ collects such information with the sole intention of serving administrative and site improvement purposes.

· ‘So Sweet’ may use cookies to make the ‘So Sweet’ website viewing a more wholesome experience for the User.

· In the future, ‘So Sweet’ may combine such involuntary data with the User’s personal details to provide a more beneficial experience for the User visiting our site.


 Anticipatory Terms Usage

 · Some content in contains words like “may”, “believe”, “anticipate”, “expect”, “will”, “would” and other similar terms.

· These terms are predictive in nature and entirely based on our expectations of the product and ‘So Sweet’ is not responsible for variations in actual applications.

· ‘So Sweet’ advises its Users not to place excessive trust on such terms.

· ‘So Sweet’ holds no duty to revise such information in view of events that occur after the release of such notice.

‘So Sweet’ Disclaimer

· The User refers to any individual, company, or legal entity that accesses or otherwise uses the ‘So Sweet’ site.

· The Users visiting, using, and contributing to is based on the understanding that the User has agreed to the conditions detailed in the ‘So Sweet’ User Privacy Policy.

· ‘So Sweet’ is not liable to be responsible for an instance where a User accesses the site without being conversant with the conditions cited in the Privacy Policy.

· The User must discontinue using this site in event of him/her not agreeing with the details of the Privacy Policy.

· is a dynamic website and the User is advised to educate himself regarding changes in ‘So Sweet’ website content and policies to avoid confusion.

· So Sweet’ proscribes its Users from tampering with ‘So Sweet’ website content, software, or applications.

· A User is also prohibited from misrepresenting oneself while providing the site with User details and using tools that may compromise privacy.

· A User is expected to provide authentic and current information regarding oneself to the ‘So Sweet’ website whenever asked for it.