How can an individual lose 400 calories by doing nothing? Read the complete article to know more.

Nowadays every individual who is doing desk jobs is continuously worried about calorie intake, they always suffer from obesity, diabetes, and many other diseases which take place from calorie intake. For this region, only either individual goes to the gym for burning calories or does a morning or evening walk for the same. But this thought always comes to mind can we burn calories just by doing  nothing? We always search for foods that have zero to no calories even individuals cut down the regular sugar from their daily lifestyle just to burn the calories, but what if we say that you can burn calories just by replacing daily sugar with so sweet stevia, it's hard to believe right? But what if we say that's possible? And people from different countries like South America and Asia are using stevia for the last 200 years. For this, we have to go in brief to understand what So Sweet Stevia is and how it can help in burning calories.
What is So Sweet Stevia?
In contrast to other sugar alternatives, so sweet stevia is natural. It is constructed from a leaf related to well-known garden blooms like asters and chrysanthemums. Stevia leaves have long been used to sweeten beverages like tea & beverages in South America and Asia.

Stevia is a sugar substitute made from the Stevia rebaudiana plant's leaves. For hundreds of years, people have consumed these leaves for their sweetness and utilized them as herbal medicines to manage high blood sugar.
Steviol glycoside molecules, which are 400–450 times sweeter than ordinary sugar, are what give them their sweet flavor.
The glycosides are taken from the leaves and used to manufacture stevia sweeteners. The procedure is as follows, starting with dry leaves that have been steeped in water:
The liquid is filtered to remove leaf particles.
To get rid of more organic material, the liquid is given an activated carbon treatment.
To get rid of minerals and metals, the liquid is subjected to an ion exchange process.
The remaining glycosides are condensed into a resin.
What's left is concentrated stevia leaf extract that has been dried using a spray gun and is prepared to be turned into sweeteners. To sweeten food or beverages, the extract is typically provided as either a highly concentrated liquid or in single-serve sachets. In essence, stevia has no calories or carbohydrates. Because it is so much sweeter than sugar, the modest amounts utilized have no
discernible impact on your diet's intake of calories or carbs. Even stevia leaves contain several vitamins and minerals which help your body's blood pressure and blood sugar level maintain.

So Sweet Stevia is one of the largest stevia manufacturers for stevia, and their main aim is to make the world a better place to leave not bitter!