Company Profile

"Sweetening lives the natural way"

Herboveda India pioneered Stevia in the country with the vision to make this zero-calorie natural sweetener a part of your daily diet. Starting 14 years ago, Herboveda has led the way in educating companies and individuals about the “goodness of Stevia”. Not surprisingly, it has today become synonymous with Stevia in India and is the largest supplier of Stevia to food and beverage manufacturers in the country.

Herboveda has partnered with the best in the business to bring to you the highest quality, naturally sweet, zero calories Stevia so that you now have a choice of Natural vs Synthetic, High Calories vs Zero Calories.

Herboveda is proud to launch its own retail Stevia products in sachets, tablets, spoonable, pure, and liquid under the brand name “So Sweet” These products conform to the highest standards of food safety and will surely bring cheer to the millions of diabetics, weight watchers and health-conscious people in India.

Quite naturally, leading dieticians and nutritionists in the country regularly recommend our products to their clients, which is ample proof of their faith in the natural goodness of Stevia.