In a sitting job, how not gain weight?

Office workers, particularly those with desk jobs, spend most of the day seated at a computer. In a setting where you're supposed to sit still for eight to nine hours a day, it can be quite simple to acquire weight. A sedentary lifestyle can be one of the factors preventing you from reaching your physical objectives, whether you're because of your 9 to 5 job that forces you to sit for long periods or because you&'re just plain lazy.
Additionally, because of the same eating patterns, there is an excess of blood sugar that floods the bloodstream, increasing the risk of diabetes and other weight-related diseases.

However, you can still burn calories when sitting, so it needn't be!
There are methods you can do to lose weight and keep your health even while you're shoving your tosh into the cushion, even though your job, TV watching, or homework may limit some of your movement. You can still lose weight while you sit by forming healthy behaviors that speed up your
metabolism, increase calorie burn, and prevent overeating, and for all this would you believe if we quote that you just have to replace the refined sugar from your daily intake and add So Sweet Stevia instead in your regular diet. For this, we have to understand in brief what this product exactly is. In contrast to other sugar alternatives, so sweet stevia is natural. It is made from a leaf related to
well-known garden blooms like asters and chrysanthemums. Stevia leaves have long been used to sweeten beverages like tea & beverages in South America and Asia. The leaves of the Stevia rebaudiana plant are used to make stevia, a sugar replacement. For hundreds of years, people have consumed these leaves for their sweetness and utilized them as herbal medicines to manage high blood sugar. Steviol glycoside molecules, which are 400–450 times sweeter than ordinary sugar, are what give them their sweet flavor. Stevia has very few if any, calories and no added sugar. It can help reduce energy intake by being a part of a well-balanced diet without sacrificing taste. It has been discovered that certain glycosides in stevia extract can widen blood arteries. They may also enhance urine production and salt excretion they can also increase sodium excretion and urine output. A 2003 case study showed that stevia could potentially help lower blood pressure. As specified by a renowned case study, the stevia plant may have cardio tonic properties. Cardio tonic actions regulate the heartbeat and blood pressure.
So eat your favorite food just by replacing your daily sugar with So Sweet Stevia without gaining any weight while you sit!