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So Sweet Erythritol Sugar Free Natural Zero Calorie Sweetener, 250gm

So Sweet Erythritol Sugar Free Natural Zero Calorie Sweetener, 250gm

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👉 NON-GMO 👉 No after Taste

👉 No Side Effects 👉Diabetic Friendly

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  • Replace your daily sugar with so sweet erythritol and say good bye to your sugar cravings & Guilt for sugar.
  • It’s excreted in urine and doesn’t impact your blood glucose and insulin levels
  • Erythritol has an extremely low glycemic index (GI=0).
  • Calories - Sugar has 4 calories per gram, but erythritol has zero. That's because your small intestine absorbs it quickly and gets it out of your body through urine within 24 hours. This means erythritol doesn't have a chance to "metabolize" -- turn into energy in your body.
  • Sweetness & Taste: 70 percent as sweet as table sugar. Erythritol also exhibits a strong cooling effect in dry form.
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Erythritol is a natural zero-calorie substitute of sugar. It is a sugar alcohol and tastes almost exactly like sugar. Erythritol has 70% of the sweetness of sugar but does not raise blood sugar or insulin levels. Erythritol has 70% of the sweetness of sugar. Especially when used plain, it tends to have a cooling effect in the mouth. It can be used in baking where it also has some of the tenderizing effects of sugar. It can at least partially replace sugar or artificial sweeteners for most uses Erythritol has the status of generally recognized as safe (GRAS) from the FDA and is widely used in many other countries like Japan the European Union, Mexico, and Canada A sugar substitute that does not let you compromise on your sweet cravings. So Sweet Erythritol acts as a suitable alternative for people who are looking to cut sugar intake and are looking to employ a healthy way of life. So Sweet Erythritol is produced by the enzymatic hydrolysis of starch into glucose, which is on its turn fermented into erythritol. It is a non-caloric, non-hygroscopic excipient with excellent sweet taste and cooling effect. So Sweet Erythritol not only tastes well but is also manufactured in a GMP factory making sure that you get the best quality product. Erythritol is a natural zero-calorie substitute of sugar. You can use it exactly like sugar for cooking, baking and your beverages. Erythritol is half as sweet as sugar in sweetness. Most people find that erythritol has a very similar taste to sugar and find the two indistinguishable. It even caramelizes like sugar. However, the main difference in terms of taste is that erythritol can have a cooling effect in the mouth, similar to mint.


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Pure Stevia Extract

Ques. Can you use Erythritol in making tea ?

Ans. Yes, this product is a 100% natural substitute for sugar and has no harmful side effects. You can use this product as an ingredient in tea

Ques. Can you use Erythritol during pregnancy?

Ans. Yes, it is safe and can be used during pregnancy with the consultation of a doctor

Ques. What are the main components of this product?

Ans. Stevia Sugar Free is enriched with the benefits of organic ingredients like Erythritol and Rebaudioside A 97% etc.

Ques. Is this product containing artificial sweetener?

Ans. No, This product does not contain artificial sweeteners