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So Sweet Stevia Leaf Sugar Free Natural Zero Calorie Sweetener (25gm each)

So Sweet Stevia Leaf Sugar Free Natural Zero Calorie Sweetener (25gm each)

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👉 NON-GMO 👉 Zero Calorie

👉 No Side Effects 👉Diabetic Friendly

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  • One of the primary advantages of Stevia leaves is that they are calorie-free. This makes them an attractive choice for individuals looking to reduce calorie intake, manage their weight, or control sugar consumption.
  • So Sweet Stevia leaves are considered a natural sweetener because they are derived directly from the leaves of the Stevia rebaudiana plant.
  • The leaves of the Stevia plant are naturally sweet due to the presence of compounds called steviol glycosides. Steviol glycosides, including stevioside and rebaudioside A, are responsible for the plant's sweet taste.
  • So Sweet Stevia leaves are calorie-free, which makes them a popular choice for individuals looking to reduce their calorie intake or manage their sugar consumption
  • Our Stevia leaves have a glycemic index (GI) of zero, meaning they do not raise blood sugar levels when consumed. This makes Stevia leaves suitable for people with diabetes and those following low-carb or low-sugar diets.
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So Sweet is made using the purest extract of stevia called Rebaundiana (Reb A) and is a healthy way to sweeten food & beverages. It is the best Natural alternative to sugar. You can reduce your daily calorie intake by 400 calories, which is equivalent to 1 hour of of strenuous workout in the gym. So Sweet is heat stable, making it as versatile as sugar for everyday use add So sweet to your everyday. Stevia is 200 times sweeter than table sugar. •No calories, No Carbohydrates, No artificial ingredients. Non-glycaemia response, no bitterness, no aftertaste. Verified NON-GMO Product. Zero Glycemic Index, safe for diabetics. Smooth taste, Sweet taste.

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Pure Stevia Extract

Ques. Can you use Stevia Leaf in making tea?

Ans. Yes, this product is a 100% natural substitute for sugar and has no harmful side effects. You can use this product as an ingredient in tea

Ques. Can you use stevia leaf during pregnancy?

Ans. Yes, it is safe and can be used during pregnancy with the consultation of a doctor

Ques. What are the main components of this product?

Ans. Stevia Sugar Free is enriched with the benefits of organic ingredients like Erythritol and Rebaudioside A 97% etc.

Ques. Is this product containing artificial sweetener?

Ans. No, This product does not contain artificial sweeteners