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So Sweet 100% Natural Sweetener 1 Kg Xylitol Powder - Xylitol Sugar Free Sweetener

So Sweet 100% Natural Sweetener 1 Kg Xylitol Powder - Xylitol Sugar Free Sweetener

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👉 NON-GMO 👉 No after Taste

👉 No Side Effects 👉Diabetic Friendly

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  • Xylitol has 75% less carbohydrate than can sugar
  • So sweet Xylitol has Half 1/2 the Calories of Sugar
  • It can be baked & cooked the same way as we use cane sugar
  • Each spoon of xylitol is equal to one spoon of cane sugar in SWEETNESS
  • The Glycemic index of xylitol is 7 whereas Sugar Glycemic index is 65 hence it is safe for diabetics
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Xylitol is a sugar alcohol that occurs naturally in certain plants First produced in the 1800s. It was rediscovered during the cane sugar shortage of WWII and has been widely used since the 60s in Europe and Japan. This naturally sweet Xylitol has 75% less carbohydrate than cane sugar and is slowly absorbed and metabolized resulting in negligible changes in insulin levels. It has a low Glycaemic Index of 7 Just replace cane sugar with So Sweet Xylitol. Unlike other sugar alternatives, xylitol is crystalline just like cane sugar, and has a similar of sweetness which makes it easy to use at home. Xylitol is antibacterial and alkaline enhancing which means that it prevents the growth of bacteria in your mouth. Extensive research has shown that where xylitol is the only sweetener present, it can help reduce the formation of plaque on your teeth So Sweet Xylitol has a similar level of sweetness to cane sugar but with a fraction of the calories. A sugar replacement with fewer calories and a low glycaemic index is xylitol. According to some research, it may also have antioxidant effects, reduce ear infections, and enhance dental health. As a form of carbohydrate that is not alcoholic, xylitol is a sugar alcohol. Natural sources of xylitol include trees, corncobs, fibrous fruits and vegetables, and even the human body. Because xylitol has fewer calories and sweetness similar to table sugar, manufacturers utilize it as a sugar substitute. Many items, including toothpaste and sugar-free chewing gum, contain xylitol as a component. Additionally, xylitol is utilized in baking and as a tabletop sweetener.



Nutrition Information Per Serve Per 100g
Energy 42 kj(10cal) (1400kj(335cal)
Protein <1g <1g
Fat <1g <1g
Saturated <1g <1g
Carbohydrates <1g <1g
Sodium <0mg <0mg
Gluten <<0g <<0g

Ques. Can you use Xylitol in making tea ?

Ans. Yes, this product is a 100% natural substitute for sugar and has no harmful side effects. You can use this product as an ingredient in tea

Ques. Can you use Xylitol during pregnancy?

Ans. Yes, it is safe and can be used during pregnancy with the consultation of a doctor

Ques. What are the main components of this product?

Ans. Stevia Sugar Free is enriched with the benefits of organic ingredients like Erythritol and Rebaudioside A 97% etc.

Ques. Is this product containing artificial sweetener?

Ans. No, This product does not contain artificial sweeteners