Instant Fruits Pastry Eggless

4 slices brown bread
1 cup Greek yogurt
2 tbsp. milk powder
2 tbsp. light breakfast cream
2 tbsp. So Sweet Stevia
1 ripe Alphonso peeled chopped
2 slices seedless watermelon chopped
5-6 red grapes chopped
5-6. Red cherry chopped
4-5. Green grapes
Dry nuts
1 tbsp. pistachios Blanch peeled and sliced
1 tbsp. almonds Blanch peeled and sliced
strands Kesar
First, collect all ingredients
Trim edges of brown bread
In curd, bowl add cream milk powder and sugar mix well
Add chopped Fruits and half of the nuts
Now on a slice of bread add a layer of curd fruit mixture. Cover it with bread repeat this process.
Now on top pour rest of curd mixture garnish it with fruits and nuts and saffron. Can freeze it for chill or serve immediately. Enjoy instant healthy Fruits Pastry