Director's Biography

Let's know about the person who brought Stevia to India :
Stevia is not a business. It is a cause.
Piyush Mittal, a CA by qualification, Director on Board of several companies is hardly the type you would associate with Stevia. However, it was a chance encounter with Stevia and he was sold to the idea. India not so proudly leads the world in diabetes, obesity, and a host of lifestyle diseases, and yet nobody in the country knows about Stevia. Someone had to pioneer it and he chose to do it. Contrary to his business sense, he got into Stevia without a business plan but a Mission. The first few years were spent educating the people, educating food companies, and personally experimenting with the product. Conviction is contagious. Companies and individuals started asking for Stevia. The first signs of change were visible. The Mission is far from over but the journey has begun.

Vision:      To improve the quality of our lives, NATURALLY 
Mission:   To make ‘So Sweet” the “natural” choice of all Indians

Business Opportunities

Help us make 'So Sweet' Stevia the next best thing.
Our Values
Benchmark professionalism – We set a very high bar for integrity and ethics; we are transparent with employees, partners, and consumers and expect them to give us frank feedback at all times.
Growth commitment – As a product outfit, we are committed to going the extra mile to attract and develop So Sweet Stevia as a true opportunity product for our franchisees. We will make all efforts for So Sweet Stevia to realize its total potential in the hands of its franchisees.
Caring for merit – We are fair and meritocratic in our evaluation of products; but we treat them with genuine care, sensitivity, expertise, and accountability.
Dependable execution – We strive to put the client (external or internal) first in understanding our work model and expect our people to voluntarily go beyond the call of duty, always stretching themselves and displaying a conscientious, “can-do” attitude
Inspiring interactions – we ensure that every interaction that our customers, vendors, and partners have with us enhances their respect for us
Social responsibility – We do things in a manner that is socially responsible and devote appropriate resources and energies to CSR activities close to our hearts.